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I just hope this doesn't just up off and fly away like @mikeaag's did last weekend... https://twitter.com/FredRivett/s...
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@fredrivett stupid drones! Mine was considerably less expensive than that one though, so maybe it has a "don't fly away" mode?
@mikeaag @fredrivett They're a bit notorious for it actually, but i'm biased
@fredrivett @mikeaag if it was a DJI, they do that when their battery is low..but they are supposed to return to the starting point.
@thejournalizer @fredrivett nah, it was one of the Parrot mini drones. It just lost its mind, flew up and away. Had it for less than 24 hours :D
@mikeaag This is the funniest thing I've read all week πŸ˜‚.
I read the tagline wrong "Can dodge humans and track obstacles" - which may be more impressive πŸ€”
@caseyneistat is going to be so pumped for this.
@freshfey @caseyneistat I think he prefers the smaller parrot drone.
@felixoginni @freshfey @caseyneistat But this one wont crash on every single flight.
I paraglide so the dream is to have a drone that can follow me around when I fly, but definitely doesn't accidentally rip my glider/lines apart. One step closer...
OMG I WANT IT!!!123!!