DJI Osmo Mobile

3-axis gimbal stabilizer for your mobile

DJI Osmo Mobile is a tool that lets you capture every moment like a professional cinematographer. Shoot smooth videos, incredible timelapses or just stream live and share with your friends.

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1 Review5.0/5
This is amazing, please take my money πŸ˜„
Just received mine yesterday and have been enjoying it so far. Was a little scared since I have an iPhone 6 Plus and found a couple of posts online stating that it doesn't play well with my particular iPhone model, due to its heavy weight. But my experience thus far has been great :)
@abadchris - nice to hear about that, it would be nice to see your video review about "OSMO mobile" here. good luck Chris..:)
@ramkumarhq I'll have it up soon! Thanks!
That site is so swank, it convinced me I need this terminator arm of a selfie stick. @djiglobal @ramkumarhq
The most advanced and socially acceptable selfie stick ever.
shake baby shake ;)