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Early prototype spotted in Norway a couple of weeks ago: ^^
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@eonpilot lol :) anyway, it's working the same way!
@lisadziuba and Zero latency ^^
Just released for pre-order. Read more on The Verge - Two viewing modes: one in 720p resolution at 60fps and another in 1080p at 30fps, both with a latency of 110ms - 1920x1080 resolution per eye - A touchpad for navigating menus - Headphone jack - Micro SD card slot / Micro USB / HDMI inputs, so they can be used for other purposes - Six hours of battery life The most interesting thing about these goggles is that DJI is promising users can both fly the drone and control the camera gimbal using just their head movement, thanks to an embedded accelerometer and gyroscope. While some drone enthusiasts have hacked together similar solutions in the past using an Avegant Glyph or Oculus Rift, DJI’s betting on a more end-to-end solution.
@bentossell About to hunt it :)
@mhrnik @bentossell We do a much more sophisticated version of this.
These DJI Warg Goggles were clearly inspired by Game of Thrones:
First VR implementation that actually makes sense
I feel like these DJI goggles would be perfect for drone battles and DroneCast (https://www.dronecast.com), which is basically the Twitch of drone footage.