Bootstrap a subscription business today

Forgot to mention. All the components of the DjaoDjin platform are available on GitHub for people with patience and skills to put them back together. Open Source is really important to me. It is at the core of everything we do.
Let's see if @seabasscapoeira will jump in and answer some questions :)
@blendahtom waking up on Pacific Time. I am here now. Shoot!
@seabasscapoeira Tell us about the product and why you thought there was a need for it!
@blendahtom So in 2011 I started this company to do Electronic Design in the cloud. Monetization was done through subscriptions. 2 months in, MVP was built and we started to implement frictionless registration, then discounts, etc. all in the name of customer acquisition. 3 months in, the whole dev team was focused on the *-as-a-Service part instead of the Software-* part. Talking about our experience to other developers, it turned out to be a very common problem. We were also talking to boutique entrepreneurs with no coding skills and they were like: Shopify is great, Wix is great, Stripe is great, but none by itself helps me bootstrap my subscription-based marketplace. SaaS is not e-commerce. The business logic requires code. Contractors are difficult to find and then after 2 months building a MVP they get bugged down into the accounting code... That's when we decided to split djaodjin-saas (available on GitHub) out of our code base and productize it on its own as a registration/subscription http firewall. In a way, it is a little bit like LaunchRock with pricing plans, accepting actual payments and slowly being able to build the product logic behind it.