DJ Khaled on Demand

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Not sure I'm totally on this DJ Khaled band-wagon at the moment. But cool to see people building things really quickly to support 'the Khaled movement'.
So many @djkhaled products! They don't want you to see this collection. 🔑✨
@jackdweck Another one??? 😂
holy moley. what is it about him that's blowing up right now? he's hilarious and I jumped on the bandwagon too, but after a few days it's all the same stuff- watering his lion, jet skiing, fan love.....i don't see how this is sustainable
@itscoreyb sustainability is 🔑
@itscoreyb this is trendy, which is the opposite of being sustainable.
@mbalex99 I doubt it took very long to develop. In which case jumping on trends is just fine. Easy in. Easy out.
@melissamonteee @itscoreyb the site took like 3 hours to do from start to finish.
@jgcatalano nice! Quick little projects inspire me.