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@Petekaneee clued me in to the fine men & women at Divvy—they just launched and there are some cool posts in Minneapolis. I especially want to Divvy up some brewing equipment so I can up my brewing game without blowing tons of cash on stuff I'll use twice a year.
@willimholte Thanks for hunting us Will. I am Micah from the Divvy team. I'd like to introduce our product a little bit. Divvy facilitates frictionless sharing. Sharing ownership is seen as smart and sustainable, but difficult. Right now the process of making purchases with others is inconvenient and unsafe. Now there is Divvy. We have built a platform that helps users meet others who want to make a large purchase and we give them a way to make the purchase together without the in-person exchange of money. As a society we are already making bold steps toward more collaborative living, sharing ownership is just the next step.
@micahkulish My pleasure Micah! Total softball question: what's the strangest thing you've seen on the Divvy platform?
@willimholte Thanks for the question Will. The strangest things we have seen so far have been really high end clothing and blenders. We have seen a lot of roommates buying expensive blenders and juicers together. We really didn't anticipate appliance-sharing, but it is very cool to see roommates sharing more in their lives.
Late to the game here, but thanks for the hunt and kind words @willimholte!
We are really excited to hit Product Hunt and we are opening an exclusive to the PH community. Enter the code "ProductHunt" when creating a share to get $25 off your first purchase! Sharing ownership is big leap forward and we want to help the community grow by going the extra mile for early adopters. Feel free to send over any questions, and happy hunting!
Name wise, this could get confusing in Chicago as Divvy is the name of our city-wide bicycle sharing program.
@erin_alexa_ definitely understandable. There is also DivvyHQ, but we rarely see confusion there. I've been to Chicago many times and I love DivvyBikes. We understand that it may take time before we can truly differentiate ourselves in that market.