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Would love to get Makers @swobos , @jtgraphic and @jdkuzma to jump in and discuss this really cool concept. ht to @designbookcom
@blendahtom Thanks for the hunt! divvi was born from our experience in sales and marketing in the outdoor industry working for folks like Burton Snowboards and Nordica Skis and Boots. That it wasn't about what brands said to consumers that often drove sales but that what people said to one another. That if we could make process of giving and making a purchase from product recommendations easier, be they from family, friends, brand employees or even retail sales associates, everyone could win — brands, retailers, people and the planet. We do so by coupling our word of mouth product recommendations with easily actionable sales links delivered in a text or email with multiple places to purchase. Today we have over 50 million products on divvi from big name brands to small boutique ones that you can discover, recommend and buy through divvi. You can recommend lists of gear — from outdoor sporting equipment to consumer electronics to apparel to power tools. Pretty much anything you can think of. Now here is the really cool part; a portion of every divvi-powered purchase is donated to organizations to plant trees to help offset carbon emissions and soil erosion and feed those in need. And this is just the beginning. Shortly we'll bring on the ability to follow ones collections of gear and communicate with fellow users. Stoked to be on product hunt and to get feedback on where we are and where we want to go.
@blendahtom This was a really fun project to build. From a technology perspective, it's a fun problem to solve. Trying to get structured product data for everything for sale in the entire world has be challenging to say the least. We've had some amazing partners to help us along this path.
@blendahtom Thanks for hunting us! This was a great app to work on, Richard really cares about what we are doing, and all of the details along the way. We have this grand vision of what divvi can grow to be, and I think we've done a great job of sticking to the basics with this first version of the app, but building it in a way that we can easily add in new features without having to redesign the wheel later on.
Nice idea, "Trust friends, not ads" is quite a similar ethos to what I'm trying to get across with my own product - although different enough that we can probably avoid getting into a fist fight :) Best of luck with it, all your marketing materials are impressively slick!
@tomwasd I'm a lover, not a fighter.
I'd like to thank the entire team at Daft Labs for helping to make this product a reality.
@jtgraphic The team at daft labs is amazing and we are so proud and grateful for their work.
Good night product hunt. Thanks for having us :-)