Divide SX

Cut your movies into an arbitrary number of segments.

Divide SX is a video slicing application that partitions your movies into an arbitrary number of segments. The application features frame-accurate control over the length of each segment, video exports using modern codecs, segment-level previews and sharing.
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We are please to announce that Divide SX is now available in the Mac App Store. The motivation behind the creation of Divide SX was to build a simple and effective tool that could quickly and easily chop a video up into an arbitrary set of clips. We've focussed on a small set of essential functions to ensure that users can be more productive when they are doing this task. We hope you enjoy using the product. If you have any feedback, please feel free to drop us a line at support@einsteinslegacy.com Thanks!
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@einsteinslegacy what are use cases for this?
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@chrismessina The original motivation for the application came after a conversation with a college professor who recorded each class session digitally. She had a single large file, but wanted to break the file into segments (according to the topics within hers talks). We believe that there are other use cases for corporate media specialist, event planners and user interaction testing. Do you have a specific use case that you’d like us to consider?
@einsteinslegacy got it, thanks. I don't, so that's why I asked! I suppose this could have been useful for IG Stories, but now they allow you record multi-part videos, so you don't really need a separate app to do it for you.
@chrismessina I guess the main use case is to speed up video marketing process. Most video marketers use a long form video and slice it in smaller pieces for social media. Whas do you think @einsteinslegacy
@chrismessina @paulanderie We agree with you. In many cases, the person handling the video media assets may not be well-versed in how to use Final Cut Pro X or Adobe Premiere. They may need a product that doesn’t require quite as much learning curve. We hope that Divide SX falls is a great fit for this type of user.