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Hello everyone, founder of Divide.io here. As a little back story, we've been working on Divide for over a year now. We started making it when we felt limited by the APIs and functionality of Parse but loved its ease of use. We felt that an open source version would be much preferable since we could deploy the backend on our own server architecture and thus be able to create custom APIs or whatever else we wanted to do with it. We soft launched last Monday on r/androiddev with the intent of getting a couple of people to use it and start giving us feedback on our syntax, docs, and website. That post got a lot more interest than we were expecting. We were then asked on Wednesday to do on-stage office hours at Y Combinator's Startup School on Saturday. Now we're here. It's been a crazy week. We are fully aware the website is vague and not very helpful, so we will be doing a massive update sometime this week. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
@aschuen Hi Aaron! Thanks for your comment. Congrats on the soft launch, I hope it's working well for you. Can't wait to see the updated website :)
This looks promising even if the website doesn't explain what they use and what's possible. I hope they'll make an effort about this.
@syswarren I completely agree. I read through the whole site twice and I still don't know what it will actually do.
@syswarren we will be doing a major redesign of the website this week. Kevin Hale helped us think through our website and how we could better convey our message.
Like an open source Parse.com? (owned by Facebook)
What programming languages and protocols do they support? And will it be a paid service in the future? I think the service is very interesting, but the website is rather confusing.
@samuelbeek Exactly what I was thinking. The website is not very useful.
@samuelbeek the backend library is written in Java and can be deployed to any server or cloud provider which supports Java. We currently have an Android SDK and are about to start on an iOS SDK. We currently plan on monetizing via commercial support, consultation, custom implementations, etc. on top of the open source project. We have an idea for how we might be able to provide a hosted-solution while still giving developers full control of the backend, but we haven't worked out the technical details of that quite yet.
Founders, please weigh in...lots of similar questions here.