A collection of diversity reports from popular companies

A side project that we did over the weekend at Drafted - A lot of companies have been publishing data about diversity and inclusion at their companies, but it's kind of hard to navigate since it's scattered across press releases, blogs, etc. Now there's one place to find all of them!

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Hey everyone - this was a side project by some of the folks from the Drafted team. So many of the companies we speak with ask us where they can get better data for benchmarking their diversity and inclusion goals. We created diversityreports.org as a 100% free forever community resource where anyone can share data and have a single place to find all publicly available diversity reports published by top / popular companies.
@pseudovirtual Where has this tool been all my career? I love it, as a woman it's really important for me to be in a work environment where I feel represented. Great to see those orgs who ranked top but there's still a long way to go. I think this will be helpful for companies as well as jobseekers 💯
@abadesi Thanks for the kind words! Would love to get more folks submitting data here :)
Fantastic resource. Thank you for putting in the work on this. It's disappointing to see people basically trolling the comments with "I don't get it." But don't let that keep you from the important work. Great contribution :-)
@mspseudolus I guess you're referring to me? I'm not sure if you read the full thread but I assure you I'm not trolling. I didn't get an explanation and I'd appreciate it if you could explain this to me as I still "don't get it". Edit: for context - I've spent the majority of my life as a "minority". I grew up in Africa and went to a state school which was about 95% black. I was a pretty average kid and I would have been offended if I was chosen for something over another, brighter kid just because I was a minority. Seriously... I don't get it.
@scotty_bowler You weren't the only commenter. But as you asked, I think it was already established that this list is primarily intended for North American readers. There's a massive amount of information on underrepresented minorities in the workplace in the U.S. available on the internet. A search engine visit is all you need to learn more. PH comments are customarily around the features and uses of a product, itself — aka, constructive feedback. Commenters stay away from questioning the maker's intent or basis for creation in the first place. At the very least you're breaking away from the mostly-observed custom here that makes PH such a great place for people to share their products. The term "underrepresented minority" is in fact self explanatory. It's easy to look up for yourself. Would you ask the maker of a finance product to explain EBITA to you here in the comments? Would you comment on a product for depression by asking "What's depression? I don't have it. Why would other people think they have it? People get a little sad and want to call it depression. What's the big deal?"
@mspseudolus The beauty of Product Hunt is that there are experts in their field sharing their inventions and knowledge. I've learned an enormous amount from the comment sections and have asked for people's interpretations of concepts before. This case is no different.. I've still not had anyone explain exactly what an underrepresented minority is. I'm asking the creator of a product what a term they're using means. I would do exactly the same on a financial product. Who better to ask than an expert in their field? Can you help me understand? It's not a big thing to ask..

I can't believe this didn't exist previously. It's an awesome resource for getting an instant feel for company culture. Very readable and easy to navigate, as well. Thank you!!


Amazing resource for looking at company culture


More data points are always welcome

Tools like this are making it harder for corporate leaders to kick the diversity can down the road. That's a good thing.


Allows for an unvarnished comparison of how companies view improving diversity


As with any dataset, it could always be more robust.

What is an "underrepresented minority"?
@scotty_bowler Hey Scott - if you take a look at Slack's diversity report you'll see how they categorize underrepresented minorities which is a good example to follow - https://slackhq.com/diversity-at...
@zmrobins I'm still a bit confused.. I used to work in Tanzania and was the only white guy in a team of 40. Did that make me an underrepresented minority?
@scotty_bowler I believe the context for the category is for their US workforce as most of the companies only have offices in the US and for larger companies like Yahoo - https://yahoo.tumblr.com/post/15... - you can see their ethnicity numbers are for US only.
@zmrobins I guess I just don't understand the need to classify people based on the colour of their skin rather than the quality of their work.. Our team is made up people from all walks of life and ethnicities, but they were hired because of their abilities. Isn't it better to be colour/sex/orientation blind when it comes to recruitment?
@scotty_bowler yeah I agree, I don’t really get it