Diversity List

Find out which tech companies have the most diverse teams 🀷

We looked into gender and race diversity in 200 fast-growing

technology companies like Product Hunt, Doist or Buffer and scored them from 1 πŸ‘Ž to 100 πŸ‘

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Hi Gonzalo! First, super nice illustration on the website. Love it. I was wondering how the data were collected. Especially about ethnicity. Thank you!
@syswarren illustrations were done by the talented @maxialbella. Data was collected manually, going through Team pages, Angellist profiles, etc. You can see the main source of each entry on the raw data (in Airtable).
Hello everyone! πŸ‘‹ I'm Argentinean living in Paris and working for companies in the United States and Australia. Naturally, diversity in tech is a relevant topic for me. As someone who works from home, I was curious about diversity in remote companies vs. non-remote companies. Essentially, are remote companies more diverse? That question led me to start collecting some data, and a few weeks later, an 8 hour day-flight and a bunch of coffee later, here we are. I'd love to know your thoughts 😊
@gonsanchezs Are you going to be doing any extra add on data work beyond this? Answering questions like: Does diversity have any correlation to revenue?
@kampheyapproved good question. I started answering a bunch of questions privately that I'll keep adding in the upcoming week - stuff like "Are european startups more diverse than american startups?" That said, (a) I don't have revenue data, and (b) I'm not sure how valid that analysis could be.
@gonsanchezs any of these companies use Baremetrics?
@kampheyapproved that's a good point. A bunch of them do, including Baremetrics πŸ˜„ I might go down that road this weekend.
@gonsanchezs Another great list build on http://sheetsu.com πŸ‘πŸ» High five from Sheetsu Team! πŸ˜€
Great stuff. I'll always advocate for more tools like this. What does diversity list do differently to something like https://www.diversityreports.org/?
@jason_crabtree_ not much. We have a larger data set, focusing more on fast growing companies (think Series A, B, C) and not Apple, Linkedin and Facebook. But I think both "tools" can co-exist.
@gonsanchezs nice! including the younger stage companies is a really nice distinction. Will definitely be using in the future πŸ˜ŠπŸ™Œ
I love these new tools, but they never work in Montreal / Rest of Canada :(
@emmanuel_b_lepage you mean DiversityList or Sheetsu? I should probably add some canadian companies πŸ‘
I would love to see some Canadian companies on the list too :) Great site and concept by the way!!
@gonsanchezs @emmanuel_b_lepage @jasmine_khinda I agree with you all. As a Technical Recruiter committed to research and delivery, I rely on such data internally and for my candidates. I’d be interested in a beta effort if you expand into and include Canadian data alongside US & international.
Nice product but data isnt loading for me.
@petecodes weird, it's working for me. Data is loaded via Sheetsu. Maybe @jedrzejurbanski can help?
@petecodes @gonsanchezs Hi there, it works for me as well. Please, @petecodes dm me or write on andrew@sheetsu.com with your browser version.