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We looked into gender and race diversity in 200 fast-growing

technology companies like Product Hunt, Doist or Buffer and scored them from 1 👎 to 100 👍




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Julie DelanoyHiring@syswarren · Design at Product Hunt
Hi Gonzalo! First, super nice illustration on the website. Love it. I was wondering how the data were collected. Especially about ethnicity. Thank you!
Gonzalo SanchezMaker@gonsanchezs
@syswarren illustrations were done by the talented @maxialbella. Data was collected manually, going through Team pages, Angellist profiles, etc. You can see the main source of each entry on the raw data (in Airtable).
Gonzalo SanchezMaker@gonsanchezs
Hello everyone! 👋 I'm Argentinean living in Paris and working for companies in the United States and Australia. Naturally, diversity in tech is a relevant topic for me. As someone who works from home, I was curious about diversity in remote companies vs. non-remote companies. Essentially, are remote companies more diverse? That question led me to start collecting some data, and a few weeks later, an 8 hour day-flight and a bunch of coffee later, here we are. I'd love to know your thoughts 😊
Andrew Kamphey@kampheyapproved · Growth Hacker
@gonsanchezs Are you going to be doing any extra add on data work beyond this? Answering questions like: Does diversity have any correlation to revenue?
Gonzalo SanchezMaker@gonsanchezs
@kampheyapproved good question. I started answering a bunch of questions privately that I'll keep adding in the upcoming week - stuff like "Are european startups more diverse than american startups?" That said, (a) I don't have revenue data, and (b) I'm not sure how valid that analysis could be.
Andrew Kamphey@kampheyapproved · Growth Hacker
@gonsanchezs any of these companies use Baremetrics?
Gonzalo SanchezMaker@gonsanchezs
@kampheyapproved that's a good point. A bunch of them do, including Baremetrics 😄 I might go down that road this weekend.
Andrew Urbański@jedrzejurbanski · Sheetsu
@gonsanchezs Another great list build on http://sheetsu.com 👏🏻 High five from Sheetsu Team! 😀
Jason Crabtree@jason_crabtree_ · Designer
Great stuff. I'll always advocate for more tools like this. What does diversity list do differently to something like https://www.diversityreports.org/?
Gonzalo SanchezMaker@gonsanchezs
@jason_crabtree_ not much. We have a larger data set, focusing more on fast growing companies (think Series A, B, C) and not Apple, Linkedin and Facebook. But I think both "tools" can co-exist.
Jason Crabtree@jason_crabtree_ · Designer
@gonsanchezs nice! including the younger stage companies is a really nice distinction. Will definitely be using in the future 😊🙌
Emmanuel B. Lepage@emmanuel_b_lepage · Here for social media tech stach
I love these new tools, but they never work in Montreal / Rest of Canada :(
Gonzalo SanchezMaker@gonsanchezs
@emmanuel_b_lepage you mean DiversityList or Sheetsu? I should probably add some canadian companies 👍
Jasmine Khinda@jasmine_khinda · Android/Java Developer and QA specialist
I would love to see some Canadian companies on the list too :) Great site and concept by the way!!
Semira Amiralai@semiraamiralai · Technical Recruiter
@gonsanchezs @emmanuel_b_lepage @jasmine_khinda I agree with you all. As a Technical Recruiter committed to research and delivery, I rely on such data internally and for my candidates. I’d be interested in a beta effort if you expand into and include Canadian data alongside US & international.
Nice product but data isnt loading for me.
Gonzalo SanchezMaker@gonsanchezs
@petecodes weird, it's working for me. Data is loaded via Sheetsu. Maybe @jedrzejurbanski can help?
Andrew Urbański@jedrzejurbanski · Sheetsu
@petecodes @gonsanchezs Hi there, it works for me as well. Please, @petecodes dm me or write on andrew@sheetsu.com with your browser version.