Check how gender-balanced your Twitter is

#DiversifyYourFeed is a tool by Deloitte that helps you check how gender balanced your Twitter feed is.

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Does anybody know what the terms/privacy policy of this site is? They don't have anything obvious which makes me a little nervous.
Oh very cool! I wrote about this topic last year and have since been more thoughtful/intentional about who I follow. I wonder how accurate this tool is? 🤔
It's easy to get stuck in an echo chamber with the way we consume content and comments on social media, if you ever wondered how gender balanced your Twitter feed is -- now you can check with ease. My feed is 57% female, 43% male.
@abadesi wow I'm surprised to discover my feed is only 40% female. Time to balance this out.
I don't see why anyone would care unless they were either curious, think it matters whether your followers are male or female which is obviously dumb and potentially sexist or they run a business an need to bring in more money to prevent bankruptcy which is completely understandable unless you abandon your original demographic cause that's just disrespectful.
@scourgethepd hey Scourge, this tool is about who you follow, rather than who follows you. Can help you to diversify the tweets and opinions in your feed if you find your feed is mostly one way or the other. Can help broaden the voices in your own twitter feed, rather than your own following.
Pro : Great initiative! Cons : The suggested accounts at the end is a good idea, but maybe you should add more infos about them (recent tweets or at least the bio). All I see is a picture and a name, and it's not enough to make me subscribe :)
@davidprati This. Also make them based on the people I already follow. I know this is probably harder to pull off. In my case I'd be most interested in women in design / tech / music.