Diverse UI 2.0

Free diverse user images now with Sketch plugin and more! 🙌

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Hey Product Hunt 👋, Last time we were here you all had a lot of great feedback and advice. We’ve taken the past few months to collect and implement that and today we’re excited to announce v2 of https://www.diverseui.com! We’ve got a lot of new things for you: 💎 Sketch Plugin - Now it’s even easier to use Diverse UI in your design flow 🙌 https://github.com/reneepadgham/... 💁 Facebook Auth - We’re now collecting images via Facebook auth, which makes it easier for everyone! 💻 API - We have an API for your developing pleasure https://github.com/reneepadgham/... - build cool things like this guy who made an NPM package https://www.npmjs.com/package/di... 😎 👉 We know that some of the original images and gender identities weren’t great, so we’re going to remove all the old data from our site as soon as we get enough new submissions to replace it (90 days max). We’ve made it easy on our end, now we need you to help us by spreading the word and submitting https://www.diverseui.com/submit! 📣
Awesome! Used this very recently to make mock ups. :)
@zachtratar Awesome to hear! :)
Congrats on shipping!
One of my favorite plugins for Sketch!
@csaba_kissi Awesome to hear!! :)
This is cool.Would love to see profile names, locations and even various languages (instead of Lorem Ipsum for dummy copy) used.
@tomkelshaw Awesome feedback! We're currently trying to figure out how to incorporate names while navigating the risk of some designers/companies using them in the context of endorsements but becoming a more robust resource is definitely the plan :)