Manage the words across the surfaces of your product

Ditto lets teams manage and collaborate on the copy across all of their mockups. 🌟
See text edit history across your organization. Track status and approvals. Sync edits to duplicates. Work in our web app or directly in your mockups with our Figma plugin.
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Thanks Kat! 🥰 Hey PH community! 👋 We created Ditto with the idea that words — copy — should be a first-class citizen when building product. Improvements to product copy can be transformative for both UX and conversion rates. At Microsoft, copy changes alone resulted in 44% fewer user test errors in Azure and lifted both active users and customer retention. Despite the importance of copy and how many people touch it (everyone from design to legal), copy is often de-prioritized, written ad-hoc, and spread across multiple tools (Jira tickets, mockups, google docs). @jo_m and I have experienced this firsthand as engineers, designers, and PMs at places like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Asana, and we're hoping Ditto can be a central source of truth for teams to manage their copy from design to production. We've started by integrating with Figma via a plugin. A couple of things you can do in Ditto include: 🚦Track copy status 🔎Search, tag, and explain copy 📜Track change history 👯‍♂️Edit all duplicates in a file Pricing: we're currently charging $12 / user / month for teams of 3 or more people ... BUT we're offering a one-time discount of 50% off your first year if you schedule a demo on our website and mention it here as a comment. We've found this to be the most valuable way for us to get feedback and learn about people's workflows! =) Jessica, co-founder
Hi everyone! Jolena here, the other co-founder of Ditto. Ditto started out as an idea during a late-night conversation between me and Jessica in our dorm room at Stanford. *Lots* more late nights and frozen pizzas later, it feels surreal to finally be launching on PH! Though we’ve started out by integrating with Figma, that’s just the beginning. We envision Ditto becoming the copy source of truth end-to-end, across design and production, so that the words on every product can be given the attention they deserve. :) Please please let us know if you have any feedback or feature requests. We’re constantly trying to improve Ditto, and would truly love to hear what you think! 💛
I think this is so cool! Copy is so underrated and important for every product. What size teams/companies is this mostly targeted towards? Congratulations :)
@surayashivji Definitely agree on copy being important on every product -- at the moment, we've seen this really resonate with large teams, especially as a ton of people touch the copy from design to prod (pms, designers, legal review, marketing, etc.), which can be really cumbersome in a design file. However, we've also been really surprised at all the people that like to use Ditto by themselves or just with 1 other person to keep track of edit history + edit to duplicates!
I'm really excited to use Ditto to collaborate better with my cross-functional partners as my design work gets closer to production. It's been awesome to see this product get better so quickly. Can't wait to see even more growth now that it's out in the world 🎉
@micah_fenner thanks for your kind words Micah! we've been able to iterate so quickly in part because of your awesome feedback -- please keep them coming! :)
My product and design teams have been using Ditto and we love it. As a healthcare startup, copy is incredibly important for us to get right in order to establish trust with our users and ensure that everything is above board from a legal perspective. My fav feature so far is the status tracking :) Thanks for working on this!
@fbuncom4 Thanks so much Frank! Means a lot to have your team using Ditto to collaborate on copy. 🥰