A new podcast from Ben Thompson and John Gruber

A new podcast from Ben Thompson and John Gruber. Three episodes per week, 15 minutes per episode. Not a minute less, not a minute more.
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Interesting, and I’m happy he has launched a podcast, but not interesting enough to me personally to get me to pay €4/month for it. I’d rather it had ads at the start and have it be free, to be perfectly honest.
@chrismessina I have, and I disagree that it’s a dichotomy between a closed Spotify ecosystem and an open subscription based one. I don’t use Spotify to listen to my podcasts, and I do support some smaller ones, but overall it’s entirely feasible to have an open and ad-based podcast imo. Granted he’s now massive, but Tim Ferriss tried subscriptions and it didn’t work for him, for example.
Built on Memberful... I'll be very curious to see how this goes!
I really like Ben Thompson. Gruber on the other hand has never proven himself to be any more than a critic. I'm not interested in Gruber's take on Ben's ideas. If it's two hours of Ben taking Gruber to school I still won't listen.
@ryan_marsh1 actually, it's only 15 minutes per episode. 😜
@chrismessina Haha, glad to see Thompson will still have time for real work.
Really looking forward to listening to this podcast! Ben is one of the most interesting writers on the web and I've found Stratechery to be well worth the price. I'm sure The Dithering won't be an exception.
good stuff. I really like how it cuts off sharp (and it's always John speaking during that moment, that's hilarious)