Dither it!

A web application for dithering images

Dither it! is a web app for dithering images, allowing for reduction in the number of colors used while still maintaining detail and depth.
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Hi everyone, thanks for checking out Dither it!. I built this tool to make it easy and fun to dither images. This can help reduce file sizes, and hopefully remind people that for websites, sometimes less is more, and that simple can be beautiful.
Hey this is pretty cool, I love the options that are available. Couple of stuff, I think it lags when the file size is super large? It crashed the tab lol. Could you put a progress bar when the dithering is about to take effect? Also, a preview of the presets might be super cool rather than having to go to each one to check it out!
@shavin47 Hi, thanks, and thanks for the feedback! Those are all great ideas. Do you think it would be better to not allow uploads above a certain size (2mb?), or allow everything but include an indicator and warn that large file sizes will be slow? I have been not sure about which approach I should pursue. And yes, I can definitely do a better job of explaining/showing what the presets do.
@alexharris6 If it's large enough to slow down performance I think it might be better to limit the upload size? Might be better to look at other image upload websites in your vertical to get an idea of how they handle it. There might be a pattern to follow.
@shavin47 That's smart, I will look and see what others do. I also believe there is a way to do multi-thread processing or whatever its called so that the work can happen in the background and not slow/crash the browser...maybe I will put a filesize limit in place until I can find a technical solution.
@alexharris6 That sounds great Alex! Feel free to ping me if you'd like me to test out a newer version 🙂
@shavin47 Will do thanks!