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Poll Time: Should we add this to every button on PH?
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@mscccc yea, that would be pretty cool. πŸ‘πŸ»
Damn that looks amazing, I could click them all day :3
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@ddulic92 there is something satisfying about buttons that do a little something... our upvote button has a little spice to it too! cc @mscccc
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@ddulic92 if those buttons were on product hunt I could like all the products :)
Codrops is amazing, but this is a tutorial, not a product. Or should we start hunting every previous Codrops Article on Producthunt now? EDIT: Here's the link to article: http://tympanus.net/codrops/2016...
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@eminienes hmm I believe you can get the code from GitHub to use them Correct me if I am wrong @grsmto If I am I apologise!!
@bentossell @grsmto No you're not wrong, sourcecode is available form the article or from github. I just found it a little random to see an article from a website (which I visit very often) to be hunted on Producthunt (which is visit even more often ;)). I'm sure many people find this helpful, otherwise it wouldn't have gotten the most upvotes today!
@eminienes @bentossell @grsmto Exactly,must totally agree here as this is just a code tutorial and has nothing to do with a product. It is very random to see one of their tutorials or experiments on here as they have dozens of similar quality experiments. I am not sure who did wave this through as you just opened product hunt for any codyhouse and codrops and similar TUTORIAL. As such, I do not want to be pedantic, but you should take this down or I queue up with Enes and I gonna spam producthunt with every similar quality tutorial out there (and to be honest, this is not even an astonishing technique. it is pretty known amongst front-ender to use SVG shaders in a comparable fashion, though experimental and not production-ready)
@eminienes I find this weird too.. product hunt is basically just hacker news I guess? Just feels spammy with all the non-products
Loved the play/pause idea
@mellamodaniel_1 yeah that one was my favorite too!
A set of inspirational, highly experimental distortion effects for buttons using SVG filters. By Adrien Denat.