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I was part of the launch of DistilledU a few years ago. I'm no longer with Distilled, but still on a lot of the module intro videos and I wrote quite a few of them. Happy to answer questions, but @willcritchlow or @robousbey will be the best!
Was a beta subscriber from 2 years ago and went through the majority of the modules to brush up my online marketing chops and was curious to find out how Distilled does SEO / online marketing in-house. Hopefully @willcritchlow will chime in :)
Not to debate semantics or word choice, but search marketing and SEO are just two aspects online / digital marketing :) Looks neat - I wonder if they have plans to expand beyond SEM + SEO modules.
@stttories That's fair. I guess it's not apparent on their landing page, but they do provide training outside of search / SEO, although it is a bit more skewed towards that crowd :)
@will_lam I went through a few pages - didn't see any clear indication that they offered modules focused on other aspects of online marketing. Landing page optimization is focused on optimizing for search engines, not necessarily for conversions, user experience, etc.