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If you're working on a video demo of your product you should get a look on this website. Plus, their new "showreel" is pretty cool: http://www.dissolve.com/showreel...
@syswarren they have a massive video collection! + Emoji documentary :)
@acondurache That emoji video is a really cool demo!
@syswarren the timing is nice as we just published our first product video which took a lot of effort. i'm blown away by the emoji showcase. very creative and simple idea with a long-lasting effect! inspiring
This is brilliant.
I'm a pretty big fan of Dissolve. Already have one purchase that I'm about to make on it, probably today.
Very cool. Especially like the tactic of offering to help find clips for people although it could be even smoother (pop a lightbox right there, etc.) Relatedly, do people think the video-in-the-background trend is here to stay? Is it inherently good as a design tactic?