Disrupt Cards

Silicon Valley’s funniest card game

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Hi Product Hunt! I’d like thank Product Hunt for hunting us again on behalf of Jordan, Jeremy, and for this glorious Product Hunt Cyber Monday where you can and will preemptively spend your year-end bonus that you may or may not get. We’re really excited to start shipping Disrupt Cards TOMORROW in the US. (Here's the tracking order for our shipment if you want to postpone your sprint deadline 1ZAR85256768077525) Your boxes should arrive by Wednesday at the earliest or Saturday at the latest 🤗🤗🤗. (International orders will be shipped according to instructions emailed to customers) We're excited to put it on sale for you awesome hunters on PH for only $20 today. (You get 600 cards, 50 more than CAH! A true value deal. 😝) What started as a joke a few months ago about what a card game parody would look like for silicon valley has now been rapidly transformed into a hilarious, fully fledged, card game. Great for gifts to the people you play ping pong with at work or for that technical co-founder you want to recruit. You can read the story behind disrupt cards here. https://a-musing.co/how-we-made-... Feel free to ask us any questions and we’ll be glad to answer them.
Awesome! When do we get EU shipping?
@alexandra_linkilaw We're still working on getting an option for intl on our website! In the meantime, feel free to place an order and we'll shoot you an email about how to pay for shipping 😬 (or just follow us on twitter and we'll let you know when we've got a better system going)
@jeremymaluf Hey hey! Just ordered 2! I created a product recently, and we couldn't figure out international shipping that made sense for our $20 product. We use Send From China... hope it helps :) http://www.sendfromchina.com/
@kinadesantis Awesome! And thanks for the tip! Yeah these low cost products are frustrating to ship around the world since even the cheapest shipping options can cost more than the actual product. I'll definitely check that site out! 🙌