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Pavel PekanovMaker@pavelpekanov · Product Director @ various projects
There are a couple of deals worth mentioning: 1) Early Adopter program All users registered till November 1 are granted 2 months of Pro subscription. Those users among the Early Adopters who provide extensive and supportive feedback will get a prolongated Pro subscription up to 1 year. 2) DISQVR Experts Experts are people who really enjoy helping others discover great stuff-should it be music, movies or books. When it comes to suggestions, Experts share what’s the best out there with you. For the most part Experts are picked via submissions. Send us an e-mail to hello@disqvr.me. Introduce yourself and tell us about your field of expertise. Once all is confirmed, we’ll be happy to approve you as a proud member of DISQVR Experts. Sometimes a certain user can be awarded the Expert status automatically. That happens when the app has enough track record to analyze and therefore grant the Expert status to the user (just in case, opting-out is possible). That’ll be all for now. I’ll be happy to answer your questions about the product and participate in discussion!
Pavel PekanovMaker@pavelpekanov · Product Director @ various projects
Hi, Hunters! I’m a Creative Director @ DISQVR, happy to kick-off the discussion. Ben, thank you for giving a hand with this one! DISQVR an app that finds you great movies, music and books in a heartbeat. It also finds you people with similar interests, and you can discuss things together. The app features deep learning algos under the hood and collects users Facebook data to analyze their habits. So, it’s basically an AI born early that starts learning stuff now. DISQVR is the pilot product of SYHOR (www.syhor.ai).