Disputed Territories

Interactive map of every disputed territory in the world

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sri@sridhar_kondoji · No Fluff Just Stuff skills tracker
Very cool. Just checked India map and its disputed territories. Thx for the map
Vlad Arbatov
Vlad Arbatov@vladzima · Engineering @ Mapbox
Many political issues are a matter of dispute. Often there're parties or even whole countries that have different view on the situation. That's what concerns me about this project. You call "annexation" an event that the majority of 143 million people don't.
Eric Bae
Eric Bae@eric_bae · i build, there for i am.
Very cool! Does the site update data if there are new disputes or if any of the disputes get resolved? (unlikely I suppose, since some of the disputes have been going on for a very long time - another interesting question would then be, have any of the disputes been resolved?)
Jamie Chan
Jamie Chan@jamie_chan · Marketing Manager @Frrole
would be great to introduce it in the classroom.