Disposable Camera App

A roll full of surprises, printed and shipped for $12.99

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Hey guys! With our first ever app at Photojojo, we aimed to bring back everything great about disposable cameras. The Good: the prints! Also, the way that having a dispo cam in your pocket keeps you on the look out for the next photo opportunity. No more forgetting to take your camera to the photomat and no more paying twice (cam + developing). We print your photos out and mail them right to your doorstep. PH: Download today, use code "SmileHunter", and choose the credit card option. You'll get $4 off! (Discount won't show in app.)
Similar to WhiteAlbum cc @corleyh. The Photojojo team seems to be releasing a new photo-based product or service every month. How do you come up with these ideas and decide what to build, @drewjoh and @superamit?
@corleyh @superamit @rrhoover I attribute it to the awesome group of people here, plus our incredible workcations we have every year! We come away having to whittle down a long list of great ideas and only pick the best ones that we can fit inside of time constraints. :) https://www.flickr.com/photos/ph...
@superamit @rrhoover @drewjoh OK I just looked at the pictures from your workcations - what a fabulous concept! :-) This seems a lot like Authenpic - where you optimize for standard size pictures. Your price point is a bit higher. I'll ask about the feature I think all of these apps should have - an opportunity to go back to the pictures once you've received the printouts. The great thing about film - which these apps tend to replicate - is that you could go back to one picture and reprint it. I find myself taking multiple pictures of one thing on the off chance I like it enough that I want to share the picture with someone. I'll definitely down the app and give it a try.
@superamit @rrhoover @corleyh Thanks for the feedback Corley! We have that exact feature in mind for our v1.1 release, and it should work with cameras that are used today. :)
Damned, only available in the US... what about Europe folks? :)
@troblous We're working on it Yann! We definitely have plans and are prepping to be worldwide; we opted to get the app out the door first. :) You can sign up for our newsletter and we'll announce once we're there!
@drewjoh I'm already a Photojojo happy customer ;) I'll wait until your announcement then!
I've tried a number of these mobile photo printing services over the years and the quality has been very inconsistent. I hope this product offers higher quality prints than some of the startups who've come and gone before it. As for the inability to edit, I understand the philosophy behind it and I think it might be appealing to some people, but I really need to be able to edit and import from other apps, especially if I'm going to spend almost $15.
@danruswick We(I work at Photojojo, nice to meet you)'ve noticed the same thing! So, we really made photo quality a priority. We printed on lots of papers. Ripped them up. Looked at them from a distance. Tried propping them up against a wall without any extra support and did a bit of back and forth (friendly) yelling about paper textures. In short, we think you'll like the quality! We found really great, matte, ultra-thick, card stock.
@danruswick Do you mean the quality of one service has been inconsistent or the quality across the range has been inconsistent? I've also tried quite a few and the quality is (per company) usually pretty consistent (of course, the quality is often low). Photojojo has been consistently great for me—though I've only gotten a few things from them. Most notably: http://www.producthunt.com/posts...
@willimholte Meaning the quality across the range is inconsistent. Some are awful, some are ok. I have yet to find a service that is really great.