A tiny, programmable e-ink wifi display (pre-launch)

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DISPLIO is a WiFi display that is completely standalone and is highly customizable. It allows you to choose from a wide selection of widgets and makes the information that is important to you available anywhere with just a glance. Here's some of the widgets available on the DISPLIO: Weather - weather conditions, forecast and room temperature. Calendar - your daily agenda and notifications for upcoming events. Stocks - current stock prices. E-Mail - unread message count and notifications for new emails. Traffic - live traffic conditions. FitBit - your daily progress and leaderboard. Facebook - likes and messages. Twitter - mentions, followers and your feed. Basecamp - todos and milestones. Reminders Paypal balance Shipment tracking Countdown
This is really awesome, really like it!
It seems like they stopped selling it..?
Nice, I like it.