A simple JavaScript framework for building ambitious UIs 😊

DisplayJS is a simple framework for building ambitious UIs

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It's probably just me being pedantic, but your ideals expressed on the site don't seem to align with the finished product. You say display.js separates itself from other frameworks because it's lightweight and pared down on the extra redundant clutter often found in other products. But then you go on to explain display.js incorporates "math, array manipulation and even dataset prediction . . . because we want that you only need 1 single framework to do everything". Sounds like display.js comes with some of the same fluff other frameworks are plagued by. But I don't mean to be overly harsh, it's still a cool framework! Good work!
@domainoji I think πŸ€” you’re right on some points. But remember that it’s still in beta and that I will still do some improvements 😊. If you like the framework you can leave a star ⭐️ on GitHub, it would be awesome πŸ‘. Thank you for your comment.πŸ‘πŸ˜‰
Honestly, I think Vue.js fills the void you're trying to fill with DisplayJs, for the maths aspect you can use Lodash and other utility functions. This is pretty awesome and don't get me wrong, I am not trying to rain on your parade or proverbially take a dump on your work, but I can't see really what the value proposition is here. Not sure where you get your numbers from, but a Vue.js project with Vuex and Vue router comes in around 30kb gzipped. Still cool, but not useful to developers like myself who need to build rich interfaces (especially data heavy ones).
@dwayne_charrington Well, I simply want to take a different approach to the problem. For me, Vue.js wasn't super intuitive, so I decided to build DisplayJS. And, when you're talking about the size, I didn't say that Vue.js was around 100kb, I just say that all popular MVC framework are all around 100kb, which doesn't mean the same. Vue.js is by far the most lightweight, but Angular or React is quite heavy. That's what I wanted to say. As I said in the conclusion, if you don't like Vue.js, React or Angular, you'll probably find what you need in DisplayJS. But if you already like these frameworks, stay with them. And, for the math aspect, I only wanted to implement basic array manipulation, and if you want more precise things, you can use other libraries, but I try to remove all the useless javascript files in the head of a page that make a website heavier. I'm simply making DisplayJS because I want something that I can use on every project. When you're talking about data heavy interfaces, could you give me an example 😊? So I can improve my framework. If you think πŸ€” DisplayJS is still a good framework, you can still leave a star ⭐️ on GitHub, it would be amazing πŸ˜‰.
What do you guys think πŸ€” of DisplayJS?
JS is taking over the world DOPE🚬🚬🚬
@dredurr πŸ˜‚Haha
Great job!!! This has some good use cases for real time on page personalization with some predictive components for sales and marketing
@growthplatform Hope you'll use it in your next projects πŸ˜‰