Capture and edit reality

#2 Product of the DayDecember 13, 2019
Turn any location into a space for real time, shared AR and VR experiences. Invite friends and family in person or remotely.
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thanks for the hunt @quincylun! we wanted to make a place for people to create, share and explore their favorite spaces together so we made display.land. we've got a lot more coming in 2020 so stay tuned! at the moment, you can capture and export anything you want in 3D: check out https://learn.display.land/ if you're interested happy to answer any questions folks have - here's a post that says some more: https://medium.com/ubiquity6/wel...?
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I just cannot believe this is not skyrocketing in the upvote segment. Great work, amazing product and a really cool idea.
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@davor_sehovic I know right?!
Impressive work by Ubiquity6 and team. Definitely a notable product rousing amongst the future of AR application.
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Awesome product and incredible team! Really excited to see how this develops :)
@_jayhack_ thanks jay ☺️
wow, looks great, let me give a try