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AlanΒ β€” Co-founder at LastMile
This is super cool! Thanks for sharing and making it open source :)
Ines MontaniΒ β€” Founder @explosion_ai
@alanmnichol Thanks – let us know if you have any feedback!
Ines MontaniΒ β€” Founder @explosion_ai
Hi ProductHunt – thanks for letting us share our latest project! πŸŽ‰

displaCy lets you visualise the grammatical structure of any sentence in English or German, using JavaScript, SVG and CSS. When we first wrote the visualiser for our NLP library, spaCy, we didn't really think about releasing it for other people to use and run. With the growing interest in Natural Language Processing, cloud services from Google, Microsoft and others make it easy to use the type of annotations that displaCy visualises.

We've tried to make displaCy.js as easy to use as possible. You can run the spaCy service, or you can connect it to any other NLP service you like.
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