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Sounds like Disconnect to me but pricer.
@chiancheng We protect content, identity, and location by integrating multiple, constantly changing, elements. The key to our technology is ephemeral infrastructure. Dispel’s transmission pathways are engineered so assailants cannot burn them back, and all of the elements assigned to users are turned over quickly enough not to become static targets for surveillance or breach. When a user is done with a sandboxed computer, its files and infrastructure are destroyed.
@eschmertzler @chiancheng Why not just use tails instead of paying 70/month? How is this different from a VPN?
Hi @bitcoinwhit! I've addressed your question with my response to your post below. If not, let me know and I'll be happy to go into more specifics.
I would say sounds like Mission Impossible or James Bond.
Thanks for hunting Dispel, @kwdinc! Hi everyone, I’m Ethan Schmertzler, the CEO of Dispel. Online privacy is important in the age of data breaches, IP thefts, intrusive tracking by advertisers and government surveillance. We made Dispel to help users reclaim their privacy. Our service uses a combination of software, multiple cloud services and layered encryption that goes beyond other tools out there (see our comparative grid in the Media section). Happy to answer any questions here or you can get in touch with me on Twitter (@eschmertzler).
Dispel gives you powerful tools to protect yourself and your company from eavesdropping, hackers, and corporate espionage. Comprehensive data, identity, and location protection across all your online devices.
seems like limited for iOS?
@ourielohayon Invisible Connections are supported on Mac OS X and Windows, with iOS and Android coming very soon. Invisible Computers work in Chrome and Firefox, with no software required.