Dispatch Messenger

The get-anything app (London only)

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Just launched in London, we're available from 10am to 10pm everyday, feel free to AMA! :)
Yo Ali. I am glad to see you are coming out with another venture at hand. A while ago I came across Henchman app. Tell us what do you guys do differently.
@petkoan Thanks man! Henchman is great, we'd love to partner with them for our deliveries. We don't have couriers, we are the first point of contact with customers. Because Dispatch lets you order via messaging you can ask for whatever you need, and we will arrange it for you.
Great work guys!
@atharmajeed Thanks Athar!
Way to go, man!
@marques_ph Thanks Pedro!
Such a cool idea, waiting for Dispatch in Berlin! :)
@lovefoodtech Thanks Polina, we'll definitely let you know as soon as we launch in Berlin :)
@magnusburton @lovefoodtech Thanks Magnus, definitely will keep you posted!