Dispatch City

Yelp for On-Demand Services

We're spoiled in San Francisco, where many of these on-demand services first start (in part because there are so many startups located here but also the density of the city and early adopter culture). This could be useful for those traveling or moving to a new city. @radymek - how are you updating this as companies rollout to new cities (Uber is expanding to one or more cities every day, I think) and what are your longer term plans?
@rrhoover thanks Ryan! We started by looking at the cities with the most available services, in order they went SF, NYC, LA, CHI, BOS, DC and so on. Have a total of about 100 services up now, great for finding alternatives/reviews or discovering new services / if you're traveling like you said! We keep our eyes and ears peeled to companies that announce rollouts to new cities, update on our site/newsletter and make the announcement on our twitter. Future plans include adding more cities/services as more on-demand services seem to be sprouting up everywhere!
I just feel a mobile app for this would be even more helpful and apt. When an on-demand situation arises the user can quickly go to the app and within seconds find if a service exists. The user experience and engagement level would be higher.
@keeranravee Absolutely agree! We're looking to get a team together to build an app version that could streamline the process even further
@radymek Awesome. How soon are you looking to get the app team together? I've just started a design studio so might have some free time to create the visuals for the app. You can email me at nakkeeren.raveendran@gmail.com. Also here are two companies which provide on-demand storage service https://www.makespace.com and https://boxbee.com/