On-demand emergency assistance 🚑

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Everybody's trying to bring housecalls back in style! Urgent care is a particularly good niche though -- I often don't want to deal with how to get to an urgent care facility when I need it, and then once you do get there you often have to wait in great discomfort for hours. If Dispatch can eliminated the wait time for urgent care, it would be really promising.
@maiab This is fantastic! Are you live for both Android & iOS?
Excellent idea and pricing! Love that they assist with insurance as well. Come to NY!
@kristofertm At these prices it may be cheaper to pay out of pocket. :)
Disrupting the Ambulance 🚑🦄
@nivo0o0 Not just ambulance, but I believe also the high costs and hassle of the Hospital. This could be a huge idea, especially with all the bureaucratic "low-cost" health care debate.
I would like to say that I believe this is an ingenious idea. This can help bring an old concept of house calls and brought modernized it. Especially now, that we have come to point where we need alternate lower cost solutions to our health and nutritional needs. Congratulations and I wish you and your team much success. Thank you and keep up the great work! P.S. Your website is beautiful!