Be the Uber-killer with this on-demand API for your business

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We're powering the on-demand economy - from enterprise co's to Uber for X startups - building on our APIs and leveraging our mobile apps in home services, delivery and beyond.
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We'll be hosting an "Uber for X" hackathon in Boston on our API very soon - if interested, email platform@dispatch.me :)
@basche42 I maintain that I have a clear need for "Uber for Comebacks." I'm not the only one.
Uber for Ethan?
@emablekos Can we work Yo in there somehow?
@basche42 and @yjzar created this app to let any business be the "Uber for X"
@yjzar hi Yaakov, we have an uber for event photography. www.EversnapPro.com how can we get access? Sasha Sasha@getEversnap.com
@SashaEversnap Hit "request an API key" on our site and someone will reach out ASAP!
This is fantastic. I must admit I didn't fully understand what exactly it was till I saw the Iphone image way below the fold.
@stu_chaney It looks like this link is pointing to our developers page, so we put the code examples and docs in yo' face. Let me know your thoughts on the homepage: www.dispatch.me
@yjzar Ah - gotcha. Homepage looks good. This image was still the 'aha' moment for me though. http://cl.ly/image/0Q2i0f1y0d26 Will definitely check this out in the near future in a dev capacity.