Action-based email for iOS

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I've dropped all other clients on mobile in favor of exclusively this one. I have moved from Gmail to Mailbox to Boxer and so on, and now staying with this one. My favorite features, which I have long wanted in others in the same app: swipe to archive; don't force me into inbox-zero thinking; ability to open links in Safari (Testflight/Hockeyapp links so that I can install betas) or Chrome (everything else, because this is my primary browser); integrations with Asana, Pocket (although, now with iOS 8 extensions, others might be able to get this as well); reasonably fast search (it's never going to be Gmail-level, but it's okay); and, lastly, just clean design: no superfluous things or ugly profile icons for every single email taking up space that should otherwise be used to, you know, actually show the email contents.
@naveen You've talked me into checking it out. Thanks for such a detailed review. 🐱
Looks great! And now for some uncalled-for landing page feedback: They could do with a better call to action on that page, to you know, actually *get* the app. Took me couple of minutes to spot the tiny Buy link at the top. 2 giant red buttons on the page, neither for downloading the app.
It's a bit hard to grasp the main differences vs Mailbox. things like open in Safari aren't really game changers for me.
I'm in the same boat - I've tried a bunch of other mail apps for iOS and Dispatch is the one that's stuck. I think with iOS 8 it'll still be a while before Dispatch's impressive integrations aren't such a stand-out. @_jacksmith They've integrated with a whole bunch of apps, so for each link you can choose to send it to Chrome or Safari, but you can also send links, dates, times etc. to third-party task managers, calendars, reminder apps, and so on. I really like the swipe gestures: you can swipe right-to-left on a message to reply, and swipe back to view the original without losing your draft. You can also pin labels/folders that you use often so they're around for easy access without your whole list of labels cluttering up the menu. And Dispatch recognises unsubscribe links (you often need to scroll to the bottom for it to see them) and lets you unsubscribe without leaving the app.
@BelleBCooper ooohh, i forgot to mention the unsubscribe action. that is genius - so so good.
@naveen So good! It's the first feature I notice missing whenever I test another mail client.
It is surely a good product but resulted to use too much datas and drying my contract of data in a few days...i will not recommend this app.