Youtube playlists done right

DiskyT is a tool to create and organize YouTube playlists.

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As there isn't any info in the description, what is the appeal of this app?
The DiskYT creator here. I didn't add this info - it's somehow auto-generated from YC submission. Waited 3 days until they let me comment. DiskYT is an attempt to fix all kind of shortcomings with the YouTube playlists. The idea is to make creating your YT playlists as easy as possible. And not just creating them, but also maintaining them. There are tons of features, everyone may find something appealing to him. Just a random few: - adding videos or the whole playlist is as simple as drag from YT browser tab and drop on DiskYT page; you may copy even auto-generated playlists - playlists may be organized with folders and subfolders. Playlists and folders may be moved anywhere at anytime - you don't need Google account to create you collection - you may transform a single video with a tracklist into a playlist in one click - you may shuffle not just one playlist, but as many as you want - you may create your collection, and, via DiskYT android app, limit your kids access exclusively to that collection - you even may automate collection handling with JavaScript - and you are not even locked with DiskYT - at any time you may copy your collection back to your YT channel Many more details are on our website and GitHub page (https://github.com/mp31415/DiskYT). Fun fact. One of the first user stations created was named F-CK.
Another fun fact - ProductHunt email validation does not allow dots in the email name, so does not accept totally legit DiskYT email. Oh, well.