What's for dinner? Recipes using your ingredients

Service to find recipes using specific ingredients from popular websites. Remembers ingredients of each user and recipes found also have markers of which ingredients are available/missing. Each search is unique and different!
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Hi when loading the website it keeps saying Error 403
I made this product after countless hours standing in front of the fridge staring at its contents, but not being inspired to create anything from those ingredients. Grocery shopping would always start with a genuine goal of eating healthy and delicious meals - but would often end up with food being thrown away because it was not used in time. DishTango will hopefully inspire you to create wonderful meals using what you already have and reduce the amount of food wasted.
Very interesting idea I love it!
@merrillhefdy Thank you. I'm toying with the idea of adding daily emails with recipes. I find that going back to the website every day might be a bit too much for some...
Hi, nice idea. Not working for me with basic ingredients: eggs, onions, tomatoes. Keeps loading forever.
@jorgecerda could you try again, and let me know? I tried just now and it seems fine. Sometimes when the search providers are down, it doesn't return results, but usually does.
It worked after I logged in with Facebook
Cool idea!
@pras1 Thanks Pras. Do let me know what could be done to make it better/more engaging.