Mix and blend photos into animated loop

Hey guys!
We tried to upgrade the idea of adding motion in photos and in the same time make it as easy as possible.
If you like the app msg me and I will give you a code for the paid features.
Any feedback is greatly appreciated :)
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@nikolay_nankov - Great App nice and simple! I've been testing all of these type apps over the last few weeks for a project and they get overly complex most of the time. Only thing I would like to be able to do is Undo/Redo so you can compare changes or just revert back if the effect doesn't look good. Would love to have a code if you still have some :)
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@martyn_bromley1 Undo & redo will come along with Projects in the next update
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This looks awesome! I would love a code if you could send one my way!
@nikolay_nankov now that I’ve played with it a bit, I think it would be great if you could save each one as a “project”, even after exporting it. That way if you decide you want to make a minor change later on, you can do so without entirely recreating it.
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@alexsmacd we are already working on that, thanks for the feedback
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Very cool! If you still have codes I’d love on as well!
Great job!! 😊 this looks so lit! Need codes to access it
@ayush_chandra Check you messages
I’m keen to try this one out if you have any spare codes.