DiscreetAI allows you to train machine learning models on untapped sensitive datasets while maintaining privacy, security & compliance for your customers, in just a few lines of code. Try it now for free!
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Hey Product Hunt! We're excited to launch DiscreetAI for mobile, web, and datacenters, an open-source developer tool that will help you build better AI by giving you access to untapped on-device data. If you want to build an app powered by a cool machine learning model, like an app that can tell you cocktail recipes just from a picture of the liquors in your pantry, how can you collect the data to build that model? You can find some data online, scrape data, but the best source of data for you will be users who are taking pictures of their drinks with your app! However, your users aren’t just going to upload pictures of their drinking habits to share with you. With DiscreetAI that data becomes accessible to you, without you having to collect it at all! Here’s how it works; your model updates on the user’s smartphone when they take a picture. We fuse those updates into a model that has learned about all the varieties of liquor your users have ever photographed, without ever collecting a single photo centrally. Now, anyone can train high quality models on consumer data while preserving the privacy of sensitive user data and remaining legally compliant with the latest regulations in consumer data privacy. You can try DiscreetAI out at https://beta.discreetai.com/signup and check out the codebase at https://github.com/DiscreetAI/de.... To get started developing iOS apps that can generate insights from user data in a secure way, download our demo app on Testflight for an example https://testflight.apple.com/joi... and install DiscreetAI via Cocoapods https://cocoapods.org/pods/Discr.... To use DiscreetAI in your web application, check out a chatbot powered by DiscreetAI https://github.com/DiscreetAI/di... and install DiscreetAI via NPM https://www.npmjs.com/package/di.... We want to get your feedback on how to improve DiscreetAI. Thanks for your support!
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Really cool, congrats guys! Some annotated tips here too on conversion optimisation on the above the fold section of your landing page, hope its helpful - https://app.usebubbles.com/c2639...
@tom4 Thanks so much for the notes! We'll make sure to enact these.
can you link the demo notebook from the video?
Absolutely - to run the demo notebook head over to discreetai.com and signup; if you don't want to make an account you can use the Colab Notebook here https://github.com/DiscreetAI/de...
Interesting, how does this compare to traditional data labeling services? Most companies looking to train a model will probably will look to them for high quality training data.
@justin_hao That's true! Companies have to be able to centrally aggregate data in order to use a traditional data labeling service like MTurk or scale.ai, and our product helps companies that want to train on data they can't centrally aggregate; you wouldn't be able to aggregate people's health records and send them to a data labeling service, for example, but you would be able to use DiscreetAI to build an application that could generate useful insights from that health data.