Discover on Demand

Just like Spotify's Discover Weekly, but whenever you want.

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I love Spotify's Discover Weekly but by Wednesday, I've already listened to the whole thing. I created this Mac mini app to bring you Discover Weekly but whenever you want. Not just on Mondays.
@mai_hauran I'm interested, but skeptical given how much spotify's radio sucks - how are the lists generated?
@jesseditson this is not radio. I'm analyzing your saved tracks and playlists and creating a mix tailored specifically for you.
This reminds me of Hype Machine-powered Plug, one of my favorite Mac apps. Downloading this now. Nice work, @mai_hauran. ๐Ÿ‘Š How are you creating the playlist?
@rrhoover Thanks! I love plug. was actually one of my inspirations. i love Plug's mini app format and i love the personalization of Discovery Weekly. Like HypeM and Spotify had a baby. For the playlist creation, I pull in your recently saved tracks. some I compare to other users' tracks, some get related artists, and others I leverage Spotify's actual Discover Weekly playlists to get tracks from. Please let me know what you think of the music!
@mai_hauran just gave it a try! I'm liking the results. Here's what I got: How often does this update?
@rrhoover your mix will update every time you open the app or click the reload button in the bottom right.
1 thousand time yes!
@troy_ruediger Thanks Troy. Did you try out? What did you think of the mixes?
@mai_hauran hey man I did try it out I'm sorry I am just getting back to you. The mixes were pretty good I actually found a few that I liked and added to a starred playlist. I was having some trouble actual playing music though. Stoping, pausing, or skipping through songs seemed to take a bit longer than normal and there were a few songs that weren't available in the country I am in so that was a little bit of a bummer. Other than that seemed to work great, love the idea!
This is really cool, I love Discover Weekly but as you said @mai_hauran I find myself also burning through it quickly, thanks for helping out my commute!
@david_diam thanks! have you tried it yet? find any good music? would love any feedback. thanks
@mai_hauran going to fire it up now, I'll let you know!
i've been using this for 3 days and love it so far! would be awesome if there was some sort of gamification where you couldn't refresh until you listened to all 10 songs on the current list.
@bdesseyn Glad you enjoying it and getting good music! hmmm... gamification, interesting. never thought about it. you playing against others or just yourself? But I was thinking of limiting number of mixes you get, and having a pay version with unlimited mixes, but that just didnt feel right. I dunno.