Discover National Parks

Collection of resources to help plan your national park trip

Discover National Parks is a collection of useful links and resources to help plan your National Park trips. Find the perfect park based on what you want to do and experience!

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Hey everyone! I'm excited to share this little project of mine. This is a simple directory of the US National Parks with useful links to make trip planning a little less chaotic. Before every trip, I noticed I always did the same things during planning. I always visited the same few sites for park information and made the same queries. I decided to build this so I could quickly look up parks based on where I wanted to go and what I wanted to experience! I initially made this for personal use but I thought it could be helpful for other travelers as well. I'd love your feedback on how this can be more useful! Also, always make sure to stay safe, alert and check for travel advisories! Thanks!
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Excellent timing. I’m heading to Grand Teton in a few weeks, so this seems incredibly useful. Thanks for making this!
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@laxbrownie Thanks Hans! I hope you have a great time at Grand Teton! I haven't been yet but I hear it's quite magical during the Fall.
This is incredibly awesome! Love the simplicity and usefulness of the app, great job @fahmsikder 🙌
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@cedricamaya Thanks Cedric! 😄
No fuss, straight to the point. I would suggest adding a search by state dropdown, or perhaps a map showing the parks on the map (Correction: there's a map option already. I missed that the first time browsing the site) One of the beauties of the United State is just how accessible it's to explore natural wonders and how much information is available out there. I've made many trips to National Park and State Parks and usually I can find out everything I need to know before I pack my bags.
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@tostartafire Thanks Dan! I'll make the "Map" icon more intuitive and easier to discover since it doesn't stand out too much at the moment.
Wow this is cool, it's great to see links to all of the resources for each park in one place. Plus it makes the national parks look cool, NPS is great, but it doesn't do a great job inspiring
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@swlkr Thanks Sean! I thought I spent way too much time choosing the photos but looks like the effort paid off 😁