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Spotify's Discover Weekly + Release Radar in a Messenger bot

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Howdy! Once I saw @rrhoover and @jackdweck mention Release Radar from @eldsjal, @flaneur, and @scaladaze last Friday, I immediately wanted to quicker access and a history for these customized playlists. Of course I had to put this in a Messenger bot. Discover Messenger automatically saves your Discover Weekly and Release Radar playlists every week! Simply interact with the bot to pull up the relevant info. Try out commands like 'playlist 1 week ago' and 'current week.' Then, explore those tracks by clicking on 'Open in Spotify' or '30 Second Preview'. Cheers to many more radical Spotify playlists! Dan
@dnosk @rrhoover @jackdweck @eldsjal @flaneur @scaladaze This is pretty awesome! One of few messenger bots I actually think I'll use because its useful 👯
@dnosk 30 second previews send me back to Messenger.. ?
@basgras I need to remove those redirects (hacky code), but it should send a 30 second preview audio attachment. I'll investigate.
This is nice. Is there a list of commands for the bot? Or is it just Sign in?
@frankmeeuwsen yep! Going to add that shortly but you can say 'current week' and then hit the action buttons for more exploration after you sign in. After you have more than one week saved, you can enter '1 week ago' to pull up those playlists. More 🔜