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Teachable Discover is a curated collection of the 50+ best courses on the Teachable platform. Unlike other course websites, Discover gives complete ownership to to the creator on pricing, student ownership and full lifetime value after the first sale.
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Hi! Founder of Teachable here. We launched Teachable (then called Fedora) in May 2014 on Product Hunt. At the time, we were Udemy course creators who wanted a way to sell courses on our own website. We wanted to control pricing, have ownership of our audience, sell higher priced product and much more. Well, five and a half years later, we now have 25,000+ paying creators using Teachable to do exactly that. Our creators will earn close to $300m on the platform.. but right now, all of that comes from creators driving their own traffic. The post-Udemy scars lasted long enough that we never once attempted to centralize the best courses despite a lot of requests from our audience. Discover is our first attempt to build the distribution network that WE would have wanted as creators. Unlike other platforms, on Discover creators have: 1 - Control over pricing 2 - Full ownership on the student (+ all subsequent LTV) 3 - Students consume content on creators Teachable website 4 - Other students do not get cross-sold It's not a core company focus for now, but a small fun side project we're all really passionate about. Feel free to ask me or the rest of the Discover launch team any questions!
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Fantastic! Excited for the future of this company
I love that: + The list of courses looks carefully curated and categorized. + The founder, @ankurnagpal, is always pushing the boundaries and always does what's right for the users! What could be better here: - The desktop version of the site has a carousel that didn't work well with my Macbook Pro's screen size. Scrolling down to the right/left arrow buttons to scroll the panels of the carousel isn't a great experience because the panels are taller than what's fully visible when you also see the arrows on the screen. - There's no searching and sorting features, but this may be intentional to avoid the users trying to compare and contrast between the courses and also to reduce the competition between creators.
High quality curation
Exciting to see that Teachable continues to align with the interest of creators. πŸ™