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Hello World! Spotify came out with an amazing personalized playlist called Discover Weekly: While the recommendations are on point, they did not improve the experience further than just a playlist. I made a standalone Discover Weekly app where you can automatically sync your current Spotify Discover Weekly playlist offline, archive older weeks, and listen to your friend's Discover Weekly: Blasting off! Dan
This is awesome! A lot better than an IFTTT recipe I've been using:
@jordsta Thanks! This is just the start, some cool innovations could be used by Spotify's awesome algorithms
Great idea! Never seen the auth go through the app before, is that an ios sdk feature? I also had an issue with a username being taken, it proceeded anyway and now the app crashes when I open it. :)
@johan_mickelin Yep, new feature, but it still has some random bugs with it. Those crashes are no good! I'm going to try to fix that, but maybe uninstall and reinstall will squash the bug.
@johan_mickelin Bugs should be fixed, upgrade your version :D
I wish I had his last week, that was a good one! So I have an iPhone 6S+ on 9.2.1: I was scrolling through my list, marked a song wit a star, accidentally played it then paused it from the bottom bar. The left menu slid out and I pushed it back. Crashing the app. I force closed it and opening it again. Attempting to slide the bar from the left crashed the app. Sliding the right side inward does the same thing. If I press the rocket the right menu appears. If I press the stars it crashes. I hope this helps. I'll reinstall and try to recreate the issue.
@pinksad @dnosk One minor thing: attempting to "log in with Spotify" once I uninstalled and reinstalled - Spotify redirects back to Discover with the blank modal - force closing both apps remedies this.
@pinksad @dnosk the issue with the Stars persists through uninstall, reinstall, and reauthication
@pinksad Thanks for helping test this out! The authentication with Spotify is a known bug on their end, but hopefully it is fixed with Spotify's iOS SDK Beta 15. The star issue is on me :D I'm collecting all of the crashes now and I'm going to pump through some fixes. Cheers to iterating quickly!
@pinksad Bugs should be fixed, upgrade your version :D
@dnosk sweet thanks man, stars icon on the main screen still crashes the app but it's updating and I can go back now from the explore tab 😘
Does this create a playlist within Spotify of your Discover Weekly songs? If so, that would actually mess up the Discover Weekly algorithm. It watches what you add to your playlists as a way of learning what you like. If you're adding everything, that kind of screws up the whole point :/
@coreyo It currently does not add the playlist back to Spotify. I was thinking of adding that feature, but your comment accurately describes the dilemma. Considering that, I won't be adding playlists back to Spotify any time soon. If I do, it'll be an opt-in and describe what would happen.
@dnosk very cool. thanks for the answer.
@coreyo My pleasure! This feedback is super helpful for improvement!