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Discourse is a civilized discussion construction kit for the modern, open web -- built for you with a whole lot of JavaScript, some Ruby, and most of all, love.
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@codinghorror I love Discourse, as a user and an admin. I wish all forums would switch over.
Why is this featured? Anything spectacular in the new version?
@t55 it's our biggest release yet! I'm biased but I think it's got a lot spectacular features in the new version: http://blog.discourse.org/2015/0...
@eviltrout It certainly looks like it. I was (and still am) seriously impressed with Discourse but its kinda strange that @ProductHunt features this version, where they normally only feature 'older' apps when a big, big update is introduced. Or when a beta is finally released. I still haven't forgotten the last release: https://www.producthunt.com/post...
@eviltrout @t55 Seems like the blog is down?
@blake @t55 Sorry about that, it was a temporary blip and is up now.
@t55 I'm not sure about the criteria for being featured as I'm new to product hunt, but I'd love to discuss new features or any questions anyone might have!
Great product! I only dabble in front end development and was able to easily customize my site using the tools and outstanding support that Discourse provides. They were even nice enough to include a screenshot of my Discourse instance (Polygonal Talk)!
Discourse is great! So simple to use.
This is awesome. I have used it for some time at, http://talk.andrewchen.co/. Superb! :)
@vingar Looks like a great community. Thanks for sharing!