E-commerce discount widget, powered by sports events

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Hey Product Hunters! Lewis, CEO of DiscountIF here! From research we found that a significant amount of people preferred a 1 in 10 chance to get their money back rather than a 10% discount. We built a discount widget which is powered by sports events to reward consumers with cashback. We set up a site to test this using links at no extra cost to the consumer (we cover our costs with suppliers who give us products at discounted rates). We’re working on integrating the widget into other ecommerce sites as an alternative to regular discounts. I’m keen to hear feedback on the promotional widget! Thanks!
Wow, interesting concept! Sounds like a good way to earn cash back. Are you guys planning to plug this into other e-commerce sites?
@jonathanhart86 Thanks!! We have our own site which we’re using to test the widget, but in parallel we’re working on integrations into other ecommerce sites checkout process.