Opentable for nightlife. Tickets, guest lists, and VIP.

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Pretty slick. How does Discotech differentiate itself from some competitors -- bottles tonight, tabelist, etc?
@kellymcgrath Both BottlesTonight and Tabelist focus primarily on table bookings, whereas we also have guestlists and presale ticketing available for many clubs/ events. Bottles tonight is primarily a last minute booking app, like hotelstonight. We let you book tables for any date. Tablelist requires you to prepay for your booking whereas we are just a reservation system - you don't pay until you get to the venue.
How fun! Will you guys be expanding to more cities?
@annieisms Currently live in Los Angeles (+ Orange County), San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Miami. Looking to expand to San Diego soon in the near future. You can see a full list of the clubs we support on our website: www.discotech.me/ Looking to move eastward (New York, Chicago, etc) hopefully end of this year or early next year!
@discotechapp Awesome, thanks for the reply. Looking forward to seeing you guys in New York!
Thanks for the love guys! If you guys have any questions feel free to let me know! You can also contact me directly at my email: ian@discotech.me.
Hi Discotech team- What do you think of the current state of EDM and how it's going to shape table booking 5 years down the road from now? Do you think EDM has fueled the growth for table booking? And lastly but not least, what are your thoughts on Steve Aoki? He's a horrible DJ. If he was at a club, I would buy out all the tickets, and make sure no one goes to his shows :)
Hey @misteryu1029, The rise of EDM has definitely had a noticeable impact on the nightlife industry - both on bottle service and especially on tickets. There is no doubt that big name DJs have driven up bottle service minimums at major clubs like Hakkasan and XS, and clubs have now introduced pre-sale tickets in order to monetize on guest admissions. I personally have no idea how much bigger EDM will get within the next 5 years (I feel like its growth has already been so astronomic, and major festivals such as Ultra have failed to sell out and have declined from two weekends to one weekend). I do get the sense that hip hop is starting to make a recovery in Las Vegas. For example, more venues are starting to bring back hip hop events, and venues such as Hakkasan and Omnia both have rooms dedicated to hip hop. Drais Nightclub is making a bet that live music performances with singers and instrumentals will start to take share in the space, and I am curious to see how that turns out. As for Steve Aoki, this one is for you: http://wundergroundmusic.com/ste...