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#5 Product of the DayJuly 21, 2018

Discord Servers is a list of amazing discord servers, find communities who share your interests and promote your own servers for free.

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@theshadyx do you know who made this? Wonder where they sourced all these servers from πŸ€”
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@amrith They were all submitted to the website by the server owners/people who help run them
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@theshadyx @amrith DiscordSL was made by the wonderful, Kohai. All of the servers were user-submitted. All you need is a discord server, and a manage_server permission to submit!
Design and filtering seems better than discordservers.com, but the website seems to be missing many large Discord servers present on discordservers.com at the moment (e.g. many of the largest subreddit Discord servers). (Not sure why this is tagged as "Slack" on PH πŸ˜†)
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Best of the best!


Premium features



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Looks interesting! Would be nice to learn more about the functions!
Better use https://discordbee.com to find discord servers