Disconnect Today

Twitter @mention/DM digest emails without the distraction

Hey 👋 I built Disconnect Today for purely selfish reasons - I would dearly love not to be distracted by checking Twitter, but then I also still want to see potential freelance enquiries, or other opportunities through DM. Disconnect Today sends you an email digest of your recent @mentions/DMs on a schedule that suits you. It's $5 to activate your account, and that's a one-off payment, no monthly sub here... Hope someone else apart from myself gets use out of this! Hit me with any feedback... ✌️
@benhowdle Nice ! Im on Twitter all the time so not a lot goes un-noticed but could see this being useful in some capacity. Does this send you ALL of your DMs/Mentions but just at a different time? grouping them. Could be cool to set filters like "no new accounts, no eggs, need to be connected with X of my followers" etc. This would probably only be more relevant for the accounts with larger follower bases
@bentossell All excellent ideas, none of which I'd considered, thanks! At the moment, it's just a blanket "send all" kinda deal. There's currently 3 "frequency" options: every day, every 2 days, or every week. The service checks everyday whether or not it needs to send you anything (depending on when it last checked), and will send you ALL your @mentions/DMs in that previous time period (day, 2 days, week). Yeah, I think it'd be completely unnecessary for someone like yourself, but this service allows me to essentially never look at Twitter again. It would suck if I stopped checking Twitter, and then 2 weeks later saw a DM enquiring about my freelance availability. With this, I'm safe in the knowledge that I'll see that DM the very next day in my inbox.
I could use this right now (currently mostly offline in Montana). Perhaps you can team up with OOOTwitter to send auto-responses to those mentions/DM's. 😊
@rrhoover That's a great idea. I was going to just use https://ifttt.com/ but couldn't find a recipe on there tailored enough...
@benhowdle nice work! If you have any questions regarding the suggestion of @rrhoover shoot me, I've made OOOTwitter. Although I think you already know how the Twitter API works 😉