Disco Melee

Making gaming social again

How is gaming not social now? How is *anything* not social now?
Hey @zefareu, you are right, gaming really is a social activity by design. You want to hang out in chat with your friends (or make new ones), interact with streamers (2-5 second stream delay), talk about games you're interested in on a public forum, get updates on current developments in the gaming scene, etc. but none of the current offerings have that sort of all-in-one foundational design, and like most entrepreneurs we got tired of waiting for our needs as users to be met and decided to build it ourselves :) Hopefully other gamers see value in our offering but the feedback we have gotten so far makes it pretty clear they are excited about the direction we are going. Hope to see you on Disco! Oh btw, all beta users get a free donate/subscribe button :D
I love their site. It's like a social network plus a live stream site, Twitter and Hitbox ain't got shit on me! *Me as in DiscoMelee
Need an option to link Steam / UPlay / Origin Profile and syncing all the game.