Clean skincare for Men

disco is the new clean skincare brand for men, featuring seven minimal-ingredient count essentials such as face wash and eye cream to body wash and deodorant - found all in one place, putting men's bathrooms on auto-pilot through various membership packages.
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I've been a long-time fan of Jack Black's lotion (for those unfamiliar, it's a brand that has nothing to do with Jack Black the musician/actor). I'll give this a try.
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@rrhoover Thanks for the support! Let us know how you like the products. 🙌
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@rrhoover @disco also am intrigued. Been trying a bunch of men's skin care lines and can appreciate what you're doing. When I run out of product, I'll try Disco next. Generally am following Ryan's recommendations on undershirt subscription services, so why not skin care 😉
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@rrhoover @kunalslab Hi Kunal. We would love to have you on board the Disco train. Give the deodorant and/or body-wash a try as well. They are game changers.
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@rrhoover @disco trying to figure out what the best set to get is. You wouldn't happen to have a sampler set that includes all your products, would you?
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@rrhoover @kunalslab We offer a 100% happiness guarantee, so if you don't like the products, drop us a line and we'll refund you in full!
I gave these products a try after not using much of a regimen before. The face stick was easy to use and my skin felt better after using it and the moisturizer. The deodorant and body wash are also a great bonus. I’m really enjoying the quality and the convenience of Disco.
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@richcnolan33 I don't want to pick favorites... But the Face Cleanser Stick is mine. Glad you're enjoying the full suite though!
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@disco is an Amazing product. Glad the wife got it for me
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@bigep13 Thanks for the support! HAVE to keep the wife happy!
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Wondering what makes this more suited to men in particular 🙃 Seems like one more needlessly gendered products.
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@anna_0x Hi Anna! We formulated our products to cater to men's skin, which is more acidic than women's skin from a pH standpoint. Men are also drastically underserved when it comes to skincare options when compared to women. Disco provides everything a guy needs in one place for his skin, with a brand and clean ingredients he can trust. I hope my answer provides some clarity for you!
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@disco Forgive my skeptical reply, I’m just so tired of seeing things that are gendered for no reason other than marketing! Apparently men’s and women’s skins do indeed typically differ but I cannot find any information on your website about how your product is specifically tailored for men’s skin. Love the way your brand looks and I’m pretty sure I would buy your product on an impulse (if I lived in the US) just because of the branding, but after browsing for a bit I really cannot find any information about how they work. You have a blog so there’s already a place where you can explain the science behind the product.
The face wash and face scrub are the best, love the scent and how it helps with my incredibly oily skin.
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@ricardo_r_andreu the Face Cleanser Stick and Face Scrub were made for you!
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