Celebrate your people

Disco helps your team recognize one another's contributions, big and small, and quantifies that feedback to keep your culture on track.

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As a company culture fanatic, I'm excited about this product. We’ve been using for peer recognition in Slack for the past two years at HubSpot. This launch comes with new features available to all (⭐s, company values support, broadcasting recognition to office displays, and more) and a new look and feel (previously Growbot...no longer to be confused with HubSpot’s GrowthBot ;).
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Thanks for the post! I'm Veronica, the product manager for Disco. We've been so excited to share this launch with our existing customers who were with us from our Growbot days, and for all the new ones who are finding us for the very first time! Happy to answer any questions from the PH audience! 🚀
The main presenter in that video is so natural. It's almost like she's got years of on-camera experience! ;) Well done. This looks like a great product!
@joshlewis @veronica Who produced the video? Awesome work!
@joshlewis @plainspace my friend Jason Jurgens at http://nearfutu.re/, great team!
Congrats, Disco team (aka Growbot)! LOVE the new branding and designs :)
@chrisbuttenham thank you! I kind of can't stop looking at it 😍
Congrats on the launch and rebrand, guys! Looks great.